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We would like to take a minute out of your busy day and thank you for using Ames Heating & Cooling for your heating and cooling needs. Customer like yourself are why Ames Heating & Cooling has been servicing the Ames and surrounding areas for over 50 years and are the number one Lennox Dealer in your area.

Now I would like to explain some of our service: Full metal fabricating including copper stock, installations, service department, Planned Service agreements and free price quotes on replacement of outdated heating and cooling equipment.

The one service I would like to explain in more detail is Planned Service. Your furnace and air conditioner are motorized equipment. Just like your car, these need to be serviced annually to insure they are functioning properly & efficiently. Planned Service is a spring service for the AC and a fall service for the furnace. We are sending you this information with the explanations for your viewing. As a P.S. customer the benefits you receive are 2 prepaid service tune-ups, a one-year warranty on all replaced parts, a set discount rate on emergency services and preferred customer discount price.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at our shop Monday through Friday from 8:00 – 4:30 and we will be glad to answer any more questions you may have. Thank you again and have a Great day.

Service Manager
Ames Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Planned service Explanation

Spring Air Conditioner Check
Install gauges and check operating pressures. Examine temperature rise across evaporator coil, inspect for adequate refrigerant charge and possible leaks. Lubricate all moving parts. Replace or clean filters. Inspect compressor contractor and tighten all wiring connections. Clean and adjust thermostat, check blower, wash condensing coil and examine condensate drain.

Fall Gas Furnace Check
Clean and adjust thermostat, all safety controls, fan control, burners and pilot assembly. Adjust burner efficiency, check for gas leaks in the furnace, and lubricate moving parts. Replace or clean filters, check blower and inspect vent pipe and draft diverter. Visually inspect heat exchanger for cracks. Clean and service humidifiers. Run CO check.

Fireplaces and Heat Recovery Ventilators
Will be billed separately. Not included in price of agreement.

Geothermal Check: Spring for Cooling & Fall for Heating
WClean and Adjust blower and thermostat. Examine temperature rise across coil. Inspect for possible leaks. Replace or clean filters. Inspect compressor, contractor & tighten all wiring connections. Check loop field water pressure & temperature adjust if needed. Examine condensate drain.

Emergency After Hours Service
Planned Service customers will be charged standard daytime rates for after hour’s calls.

The time of the Planned Service call will be determined by Ames Heating and Cooling in cooperation with customer convenience. Calls are grouped by area to minimize travel cost. Spring service cannot be done until temperatures are above 60 degrees.

All Payments must be sent to Ames Heating with the signed contract, before 1st service will be scheduled. Contract is not valid till payment is made in full.

Are you ready to sign up. You can submit our online form @ Planned Service Form

Or print off a copy and mail or fax it in.
Printable Planned Service Form

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